Friday, September 16, 2011

Thinking Big and Kicking Ass

If anyone of you wonders what happen to me this past several months and why I wasn’t active in updating this blog—let me tell you that I happen to make a big and unthinkable leap from being a corporate worker to a freelancer.  I am not going to tell you anything about earning right now because I am not there yet, but I am getting there. And I can see it. It is my personal belief that a person has to find what she really wants in life, and success and its financial rewards will come right after.

Perhaps other people may not agree with my decision, but this is my conviction. And this is going to make me happy. While they are doubtful, I become more resilient.

Like any other things in life, the FIRST is always the difficult, awkward and memorable – first step, first love, first day in school, first job. Whatever difficulties that I am experiencing right now, I am savoring every part of it because I know that at some point in my life I am going to look back, then smile and say: Whew! I’ve been through all of that.

There is no single formula to success. Besides, the measurement of success could be different from person to person. It is kind of subjective in my point of view. If success is purely monetary, I think that isn’t good. But if success is indeed financial in nature for you, then so be it. Your gauge of your success is different than mine.

Think Big by Donald Trump is one of the books that truly inspired me. The book is a collaborative work of Trump and Bill Zanker.  It helps readers adopt the attitude of thinking big and kicking ass. Nice eh!

Bill Zanker is the owner of The Learning Annex. He had called Trump to be a speaker, but was rejected by his secretary not just twice but several times. The Learning Annex started from a $5,000 company and become a $5 million a year. After meeting Donald, The Learning Annex was generating over $100 million a year and growing.

I would love to read that book again and again.

It is funny that I had a hard time deciding whether to buy that book versus a book about how women should manage their money. I was standing in the bookstore for couple of hours trying to decipher which is which by leafing through the pages. I almost read 2 chapters of Think Big that I finally decided to buy it. And I made a perfect choice.
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