Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is a must read book!  I read it before and I am reading it again. Sometimes, we have to do something twice or more to give us the same feeling of excitement, inspiration and motivation.

Life is a matter of choices. God has given us free will to decide and act. Robert Kiyosaki had made his choice to listen and follow his rich dad's advice.  His choice lead him to where he is right now.

You may visit to read what the book is all about. 

"Having two dads as advisors offered me the perspective of contrasting points of view: one of a rich man and one of a poor man. The problem was that my rich dad was not yet rich, and my poor dad not yet poor. Both were just starting out in their careers; both were struggling with money and families."


  1. I've read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and its a good read. It's one of the good books to read with regards to financial literacy.

  2. You are very right! If you have kids in the family, I think you could share that book. It is an easy read plus it introduces you to the basics of money management.

    If only I have read it several years ago, it could have change a lot in my life....I'm glad to have read this book though.


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