Saturday, February 5, 2011


Whether we like it or not, money govern our lives.  It is the controlling force of majority of our decisions and actions.  We leave our families for abroad for money. We let go of our dreams and get a job where we thought we will be earning more. And the worst decision made is probably to get married because of money.  That is reality!

Others may say that money is not important in our lives. Then why the heck we have to work every day of our lives. We may not love money itself, but the choices of having it make a big difference - we can give a better future to our family, we can live in comfort, we can help more people and we can eat in a restaurant without looking at the price.

I wasn't born in a family that talks money freely. Though my mother came from a family of business-minded people, I didn't grew up to be like one of them. But living in the metro, away from the family, experiencing the harshness of life - these made me realize of the things that I missed learning while I was young.

Robert Kiyosaki was fortunate to have both a rich dad and a poor dad. Warren Buffett is fortunate to be born in the US and to have been introduced to stock investment since the age of 11. Steve Jobs was fortunate to have known failures early in his life which made him stronger and successful. What about us--the common people? What are we fortunate about? What are the things that we are supposed to learn but haven't,

I read an article recently that says Filipino are not financially literate. I do have to agree on that because I for one is so dumb when it comes to personal finance. There are so many reasons to blame. We could blame our education system which doesn't really teach us to be entrepreneurial minded but instead be highly educated so we can be an ideal employee. We can blame our Filipino families who are equally uneducated when it comes to personal finance.

Blaming can't take us anywhere. Sadly, we have to face, nobody else can help us but ourselves. We have strive and educate ourselves. We have to spend time to learn. We are our own responsibility. That's why God give us the skills, talent and education so we can use it to better ourselves. And of course, to give back for His glory.

I decided to make a blog solely about money. It is my personal objective to explore and share helpful information about money-making, investments and etc. to help myself in this financial journey. Hopefully, we will share this journey together to a more better life.

Updated: January 16, 2016

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