Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's All About the Attitude

Financial education is supposed to start at home. Unfortunately, a typical Filipino family wouldn't discuss issues on finances openly.  Well, in my generation at least. I belong to Gen X, by the way. I don't know with the Gen Y.

The times that money were discussed loudly were during the bickering of my ma and pa which sounds pretty awful especially to a child. It had subconsciously inculcated in my mind that money could spark a petty argument and could wreck a relationship and worse a home. And as a child, since our mind were like vacuum, absorbing almost everything, I brought those negative beliefs in me. I may not verbalize it, but the way I looked at things, it actually takes me back to my past.  So what I am now is actually the product of the things that happened in the past.  So sometimes, understanding a person's outlook in life is also trying to understand where he is coming from.

If only we did a little twisting of the story, then perhaps things could have been different. But that wasn't the case.

If only I could fabricate my life I could probably start it by having my parents teaching me, first and foremost, fear of God because that will keep me grounded no matter what.  Second, they will teach me how to be headstrong because things might not go the way I wanted it to be but if I am determined, then I shouldn't let anything hinder it, not even fear.  Third, the importance of happiness in whatever I do. That I realize now for I have been pursuing happiness all my life. And when will money comes into the picture?  Well, after teaching me happiness. It is important that we love and we are happy of what we do, and I am sure money will come right after.  When you are happy, there is no such thing as tired or bored. What is there is excitement.

Since I couldn't change my past, what is there to do is to be selective of my thoughts and feelings.  It is quite a challenge because the world is full of distressing situation and people.  Watching TV alone gives a bad vibes. I actually shied away from watching news, I don't know if that is bad but I rather get a financial education through reading books and surfing the net.

I do not claim that what I do is right for everybody but it is definitely right for me.  I am actually pursuing happiness. And I am trying to get in control of my life and finances. Yes, there is a hint of fear but I am excited as well. I will make this work. Watch me.

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