Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Listening to the Little Voice and Saving Money

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Have you ever been financially broke in your life? If you have, you probably experience that feeling of
anxiety and helplessness. You self-esteem goes down. And what keeps you sane is your belief that things will get better soon while clinging to your faith.

Did it ever came across to your mind that such thing could have been prevented? The situations we are in right now are the results of our previous decisions and actions. If you believe on that, then what we are experiencing are mere consequences. Sometimes, it is not brought down by God to try your faith but instead you've done it to yourself. Again, let's go back to the reap-what-you-sow principle. If you've sow your field well, expect to reap greater rewards. The same thing goes to our finances and to our life.

I am lucky that I don't have a family of my own yet. It gives me more time and opportunities to improve the different aspects of my life. My finances is one area that I am working on.

While working in the corporate world and living in the big city, I noticed that my savings never improved. I was living from paycheck to paycheck. I spend on many things that, oftentimes, unnecessary. Looking back, I feel that I was one heck of a disheveled person who don't know where she is going. I was lost amidst the city's commotion and pressures of the adult life. The short-term happiness I get from material things temporarily filled the void I felt.

Tired of that system, I realize that I needed to change. When you know and recognize your desire, the universe seems to align itself to your want. And that's what happened to me. I got acquainted with people who have similar aspirations. I was encouraged to leave my comfort zone and pursue what I truly want. One thing leads to another, until I found myself working as an independent contractor. I have more time developing my skills and my creativity.

The little voice

I left the big city and started living alone in the province where I found solace. Far from the noise and the influences of the city, I feel more relaxed and vibrant. I am able to think clearly without all those distractions. True enough, there is a little voice inside us that wants to speak, yet it is drowned by all those noises and distractions. If we only listen to that little voice inside us, we learn to understand ourselves better. We learn more of our passion, desires, and purpose in life. And with that, we will be able to make better decisions.

We are also spiritual beings and our body is the temple of our soul. Our soul needs food—spiritual food. When we indulge our soul with their favorite food, we are doing ourselves a favor. Not only we are making our soul stronger but it equip us with wisdom, sound judgment, patience, joy and peace—these are spiritual gifts that material things could not provide. And it all makes that little voice becomes more audible, and it manifest itself on how we make our decisions and how we act.

Saving money

Is there really a connection with my little voice and saving money? The little voice is my soul speaking. By being in touch with myself, I feel less inclined to spend for things or go to places just to fill that certain void or sadness inside me. In short, the less I spend, the better I save.

Every time I receive my money, I calculate and plan how to use it. I immediately compute for the tithes and offering, and set aside my savings. I also allot budget for projects and bills. Basically, I have to live within my means with the amount left afterwards.

It takes discipline to have a control over the finances. It was hard at first but it became a habit to me. Believe it or not, this simple thing, even if I am not managing huge amount of money, its impact is tremendous. That sense of control and discipline makes me feel confident.

Neglecting to save money when you have the capability to do so is like neglecting to plan for the future. I don't think God wants us to be people who does not care about our future. Remember the parable of a builder who built his house on the sand? Did the bible says that people without vision will perish?

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